Archivists – Gibraltar National Archives

The Gibraltar Archivist has two main areas of responsibility, namely, Preservation and Access of Gibraltar’s Public records. At the beginning of 1969 the Council of Ministers agreed that a temporary archivist should be appointed and the post was advertised on the 31st January 1969. The post was later made permanent. Premises in the Convent Yard were to be provided for the new archivist.

1969 – 1985

Gibraltar Archivist J.W.V. Cumming 1969 - 1985

Mr J.W.V. Cumming was a retired Civil Servant and held the post of Archivist for 16 years. He was 61 years of age at the time of his appointment to the post. 

1985 – 2004

Gibraltar Archivist Thomas Finlayson 1985 - 2004

Thomas James Finlayson was appointed to the post in September 1985. During his time as Archivist, he wrote a number of books and articles on the contemporary history of Gibraltar. Read more

2004 – 2013

Gibraltar Archivist Dennis Beiso 2004 - 2013

Mr Dennis Beiso was appointed to the position in 2004 and held it until 2013. In September 2013, he became Chief Executive Officer of the Gibraltar Football Association.

2014 –

Gibraltar Archivist Anthony Pitaluga

Mr Anthony Pitaluga is the current Archivist. Appointed in February 2014, he is the Head of the Gibraltar National Archives and Custodian of the National Record. Read full biography