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The Upper Rock

St. Michael’s Cave

This beautiful natural grotto was prepared as a hospital during WWII; today it is a unique auditorium. There is also a lower segment that provides the most adventurous visitor with an experience never to be forgotten, however, these tours need to be pre-arranged.


Apes’ Den

One of Gibraltar’s most important tourist attractions, the Barbary Macaques are actually tailless monkeys. We recommend that you do not carry any visible signs of food or touch these animals as they may bite. There is a maximum fine of £4,000 for feeding the monkeys.


The Great Siege Tunnels

The Great Siege Tunnels are an impressive defence system devised by military engineers. Excavated during the Great Siege of 1779-83, these tunnels were hewn into the rock with the aid of the simplest of tools and gunpowder.


World War II Tunnels - Rock and Fortress

During WWII an attack on Gibraltar was imminent. The answer was to construct a massive network of tunnels in order to build a fortress inside a fortress.


9.2” Gun, O’Hara’s Battery – Rock and Fortress

Located at the highest point of the Rock, O’Hara’s Battery houses a 9.2” gun with original WWII material on display and a film from 1947 is also on show.


Military Heritage Centre

A fascinating array of artefacts of military history housed in Princess Caroline’s Battery.


Gibraltar, a City Under Siege Exhibition

One of the first buildings ever constructed by the British in Gibraltar. Undoubtedly, the most important aspect of the building is the graffiti that can be seen on the walls, the earliest of which dates back to 1726.


Moorish Castle

The fortifications on and around the site of the Moorish Castle were first built in 1160. The Tower of Homage, its main feature, dates primarily from about 1333 AD when Abu’l Hassan recaptured Gibraltar from the Spanish.


Town Centre

Casemates Square

Named after the British Barracks located at the north of the square, this area has served many purposes. Formerly the site of public executions, this commercial square has become the hub of social activities.


Arts and Crafts Centre / Fine Arts Gallery

Two separate galleries within Casemates Barracks offering a wide selection of locally produced paintings, arts and crafts.


Gibraltar Crystal Glass Factory

Visitors can watch as the highly skilled glass blowers shape and work the molten glass by hand.


American War Memorial

This prominent arch was built into the main city wall in 1932 to commemorate the achievements and comradeship of the U.S. Navy and the Royal Navy during the First World War.


The Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery

The gallery opened in 2015 with exhibition rooms dedicated to Gibraltarian artists; Gustavo Bacarisas, Jacobo Azagury, Leni Mifsud, and Rudesindo Mannia. These four historic artists are considered the most renowned and prolific local artists. Works by Mario Finlayson BEM are also shown in the entrance lobby. In addition, the gallery has a small projection room showing footage and interviews related to the artists exhibited.


Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned

Situated on the site of a mosque, the Cathedral was badly damaged during the Great Siege although some of the early structure can still be seen. It was converted into a Roman Catholic Cathedral soon after 1462.


Great Synagogue and Flemish Synagogue

Gibraltar has a considerable Jewish community and the Great Synagogue in Engineer Lane has the distinction of being one of the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula, dating back to 1724. Guided tours can be arranged.


Gibraltar Museum

The museum houses a collection of Gibraltar’s original artefacts, old prints and photographs along with an audiovisual presentation of historical interest. The Rock’s rich and diverse natural history is also represented while the lower part of the building is arguably the best preserved Moorish Bath House in Europe.


King’s Bastion

King’s Bastion was the keystone of Gibraltar’s defences during the Great Siege. Today it is in use as a leisure centre, boasting a bowling alley, ice-skating rink and multi-screen cinema amongst its facilities. Adjacent to the leisure centre, one can enjoy a beautifully landscaped green recreational area called Commonwealth Park.


Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Despite its deceptively Moorish appearance, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity was not built until 1825. Among those buried here is General Sir George Don, under whose direction the cathedral was erected.


St Andrew’s Church

In the 1840s a group of expatriate Scots began fundraising, which resulted in the opening of St Andrew’s Church on May 30th 1854.


Garrison Library

This handsome building was inaugurated in 1793 and houses a remarkable collection of works on Gibraltar. There are weekly tours of the Library where you can discover its treasures.


King’s Chapel

A church beside The Convent where, beneath the colours of several British regiments, lie the remains of the wife of a Spanish Governor, together with other remains of British Governors.


The Convent

This building has been the official residence of Gibraltar’s Governors since 1711. It was once a Franciscan convent, hence its name. A guard mount takes place at the entrance during the week.


John Mackintosh Hall

A centre of Gibraltar’s cultural activities, which contains a public library, a theatre and conference hall along with rooms for exhibitions and other events.


Trafalgar Cemetery

A cemetery where two of those who died of wounds suffered in the Battle of Trafalgar are buried. A ceremony is held here every year, on Trafalgar Day, to commemorate Lord Nelson’s victory in the historical battle.


Outside the City

Catalan Bay Village

It was Genoese fishermen who first settled in the area in the 18th century, although the village was named after it was considered a haven for Catalans fleeing from Napoleon’s invasion of Spain in the 19th century.


The Marinas

There are two marinas in Gibraltar, Ocean Village and Queensway Quay, offering excellent berthing facilities, shops, restaurants and a casino.


Dolphin Watching

Visit the dolphins in their natural environment in the Bay of Gibraltar. Boat tours depart from Marina Bay / Ocean Village.


Alameda Botanic Gardens and Wildlife Park

This beautiful green haven, with its plants and trees is indeed a hidden gem. Also located within the gardens is a Wildlife Conservation Park.


Nelson’s Anchorage – 100 Ton Gun

This impressive Victorian super-gun was installed on the Rock in the late nineteenth century. The only other remaining one is found in Malta.


Shrine of Our Lady of Europe and Museum

Located at the southern end of the Rock, this shrine was originally a mosque and converted into a chapel by the Christians in 1462. There is a museum at the Shrine that depicts its long history.



Built in 1997, the Mosque at Europa Point caters for the Muslim population of Gibraltar, most of them originating from Morocco. The mosque may be visited at certain times of the day.


The Lighthouse

The Gibraltar Lighthouse is the only one outside the U.K. regulated by Trinity House. It dates back to 1841 and stands 49 metres above sea level with a range of some 37 kilometres.


Sidorski Memorial

A memorial dedicated to General Wladyslaw Sikorki, the Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Army and Prime Minister of Poland in exile who was killed in an air crash on 4 July 1943. The memorial has recently been relocated to Europa Point, close to the Lighthouse and Harding’s Battery. Dedication of the new structure took place on July 4th 2013, the 70th anniversary of the crashed B-24 aircraft and tragic death of this war time hero.


Getting Around

Bus Tours

Book an excursion with a local tour operator prior to visiting the Rock or if you are staying in a local hotel.


Cable Car

Running since 1966, the Cable Car takes you to the top of the Rock where you can witness breathtaking views.


Taxi Tours

Visit the Upper Rock attractions with a personal guide in the comfort of a taxi.



For further information about attractions: Gibraltar Tourist Board, Casemates Square

Website: www.visitgibraltar.gi Email: information@tourism.gov.gi Tel: (+350) 20045000

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