By 22/01/2019


At the United Nations, Spain, which had just been admitted to membership, initiated a claim to the territory, arguing that the principle of territorial integrity, not self-determination, applied in the case of the decolonization of Gibraltar, and that the United Kingdom should cede sovereignty of the Rock to Spain. Madrid gained diplomatic support from countries in Latin America, with the UN General Assembly passing resolutions (2231 (XXI), “Question of Gibraltar” and 2353 (XXII), “Question of Gibraltar”).


1965 April  –  The British Government published a White Paper dealing with the question of Gibraltar and the Treaty of Utrecht.


1966  –  In response, the Spanish Foreign Office Minister Fernando Castiella, published and presented to the Spanish Courts the “Spanish Red Book” (named so because of its cover; its reference is “Negociaciones sobre Gibraltar. Documentos presentados a las Cortes Españolas por el Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores”, Madrid, 1967).


Image: Emblem of the United Nations